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Choosing the right bag for your coming holiday

Posted on 10/15/2017  in Travel Bag

The holidays are here, and it is all about travel and leisure. This piece is especially for those that are traveling rather than having guests over. You know what traveling means. Bags and bags of items and clothes that you will need during your stay. No one said that this would be an easy venture.

In fact, this is the point where most of us tend to get stressed out even without realizing it. This should not be the case, this is the time when everyone takes a break from everything that spells out stress. Speaking of which, you may want to check out the latest bags and choose the right one for the long holiday ahead. Here are some of the features that you should consider.

Choosing the right bag for your coming holiday

Plenty of space

dsfsdfsdfertertertThis does not mean that it should be too heavy for you to carry. Instead, it must be comfortable at the same time so that you will enjoy carrying it around. While most of us find it tiresome and stressful, some of us find our joy and peace from shopping for the right bag.

Ensure that the bag you choose to settle for is quite spacious for you to pack all your personal belongings. Failure to which might get you aggravated. A holiday is all about peace and relaxation. The right bag will bring just this.


All the fashion conscious people reading this will agree with this factor 100%. No one loves to be spotted carrying something that is not attractive to behold. We all have that perfectionist trapped inside of us just dying to come out. This is the right time to release them from their dungeons deep inside.

Put your best foot forward as you go shopping for a bag. It may have all the qualities you need in a bag, but if it is not attractive enough, you might as well just hide it. The embarrassment that comes along with carrying a bag that is not stylish enough can be so overwhelming. All the more reason for you to be in your shopping mood as you go and get yourself a brand new bag.

Comfortable straps

fdgfgdfgrtertThe most comfortable ones are those with wide straps. This is one feature that will guarantee you all the comfort that you need even when carrying it for long hours. The material used in the overall design of the bag should also spell out comfort by all means.

Comfort here should be regarding weather changes among other factors. Get your facts right first before you can choose the bag to travel with for a holiday.


Who said that only an expensive bag could shoulder all the responsibilities it should? The fact of the matter is that the right bag should not be as expensive as most people perceive it to be.
Your eyes can tell the right bag simply by checking out the price tag. It will tell you all that you need to know about the bag you intend to carry home. Aside from affordability, check on the convenience factor. It should be able to stand in the gap for you both in the rainy and sunny times.

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Tips For Buying A Travel Bag

Posted on 12/22/2016  in Travel Bag

If you’re thinking about buying new luggage, then there are a few things that you should take into consideration. The range of luggage and travel bags available today is massive, and making an informed decision is no easy chore. Below are quick tips of some of the different factors to consider when picking a travel bag:

Types Of Luggage To Be Packed

The sheer amount of different models of luggage available to buy is well beyond the scope of this article to describe. There are, however, some key types of bags that offer features over and above the typical single-compartment “wheelie” suitcase. First off, convertible bags are widely manufactured. These travel bags can be carried or rolled along but also double-up as a backpack, which can be especially useful if you’re moving over bumpy terrain.

Weight And Sizegthyj

The capacity of a bag is measured in liters, and you can buy anything from 10L to 100L bags and above. If you’re only¬†going to be making quick business or weekend trips, then there are lots of bags that are not only ultra-lightweight but also include some fantastic organization features. If you want a removable clothes organizer, toiletries, and wash-bag, etc. then it will be worth researching some travel bags designed specifically for short trips.


Finally, if you’re not bothered about swanky features and tons of pockets for the organization then consider a simple “gear-haul” bag. These bags are made to be extra durable for long and often rough periods of travel and also maximize on space by having stripped-down organizational features. Make sure to look for padded interiors to protect your contents and external straps that can be tightened for extra compactness.

Type Of Material

There are, generally, two types of travel bags: soft-sided and hard sided. Soft-sided bags are made of polyester, nylon or thickly woven cotton. Out of the three, nylon is the most durable and least prone to tears and scuffing. Leather suitcases can also be bought but tend to be very pricey and require a lot of care. Hard-sided suitcases will usually be made out of either polypropylene or ABC plastic. ABC plastic is the smarter-looking of the two and can be finished to a beautiful shine. Although polypropylene is stronger and less prone to cracks, scratches, and dents.

Quality Of The Fabric

hyjukikgThe measurement for fabric strength is the denier. In practical terms, 600 denier is the minimum strength of the material that you should accept when buying a bag as anything else will be of poor quality. With a lot of light-weight bags, however, the denier may be much lower than this. In these cases, focus on the quality of the brand and the actual material used.

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